NUMERACY: Well Played: Incorporating Games into your Math Class

This 2-hour workshop focuses on using games in math class as more than just 'something to do when you are finished' but rather as a centerpiece of number sense development. We'll talk about how to select engaging games with built-in 'low floor/high ceiling' adaptations and extensions to reach many learners in your classroom. We'll discuss how the use of the games change over time when you use them as part of your instruction.

These games can be used to

- develop the competencies of reasoning

- use multiple strategies and communicate them

- justify and strategize

- develop automaticity through practice and even as 'homework' that parents and students actually enjoy doing at home

This workshop will highlight ways to incorporate games and puzzles into your math classroom with lots of hands-on practice to try the games and puzzles for yourself. 

In advance of the workshop, it is recommended that teachers order their own edition of the "Well Played" book for their grade level. These books are on the STA Munro's catalogue and can be ordered using your Pro-D funds if you have not used your book funds already. The K-2 book is recommended for Early Learning teachers through grade 3, and the 3-5 version for Intermediate teachers.

Books: "Well Played: Building Mathematical Thinking Through Number Games and Puzzles" K-2/3-5 editions by Linda Dacey, Karen Gartland & Jayne Bamfod Lynch. 

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9:00 AM - 11:00 AM IN-PERSON
Room 1106

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  • Jeannie DeBoice

    I taught for 35 years in Sooke District from Kindergarten to grade 6. From 2004 - 2012, I was SD62's Numeracy coordinator, during which time I completed my Masters in Curriculum (Elementary mathematics focus) and became a First Steps Facilitator. I recently retired as Vice-Principal of Curriculum and Learning for Sooke School District and now continue my work in numeracy teaching math pedagogy at UVIC and as a Numeracy consultant.