LEARNING CHALLENGES - Achieving a Neuroinclusive Classroom

Do you see your bright children struggling with reading, writing, math, spelling, comprehension, attention, remembering, listening, or following instructions? Sue Hall, a Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator, author of Fish Don’t Climb Trees, and TEDx Speaker (March 2021), and Julie Brewer, a Montessori pre-school teacher, present a unique and exciting insight into the ‘gift’ behind so many learning challenges, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD, and ASD.

It is estimated that one third of the population have this unique gift - many more than are diagnosed. So many children today appear to have ‘learning disabilities,' but in fact, they are very capable of learning; they just learn differently, and different is not disabled. Ron Davis, author of The Gift of Dyslexia and The Gift of Learning discovered that many so-called learning challenges are in fact the product of a natural genetic ability. They are ‘gifts’ which work well in the real world, leading to many strengths, but can work against an individual in the two-dimensional world of print. 

The first part of the presentation provides the theory, the dynamics, and an overview of the methods that can reach the source of the learning challenges, rather than treat the symptoms or provide accommodations. It also outlines a neuroinclusive approach that has been developed to teach basic literacy skills in Kindergarten to Grade 3, thereby preventing the difficulties from arising.

The second part offers a hands-on experience of putting the theory into practice and giving words meaning! Sue and Julie look forward to meeting you, and thank you for being part of a shift in the perception of dyslexia and many other learning challenges, that is helping so many children, teachers and parents! 

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9:00 AM - 11:00 AM IN-PERSON
Room 2214

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  • The Whole Dyslexic Society
    Sue Hall

    Sue is dyslexic and for the past 24 years has enjoyed working with wonderful individuals who have attracted so-called learning disability labels. Knowing them to be learning able, she is now dedicated to initiating changes that will ensure all our children have a cognitive equal opportunity as they enter school.  She is the author of Fish Don't Climb Trees, Founder of The Whole Dyslexic Society and gave a TEDx talk in March 2021. She has presented numerous information sessions, Pro D Day presentations and appeared on TV and Radio.

  • Julie Brewer

    Julie is the mother of a talented dyslexic son and is a Montessori Pre-School teacher.  She has collected a wealth of knowledge from her parental journey into learning challenges and is currently using the strategies she is presenting on in her school.