NUMERACY - Expressing Math Through Art

Where does math live within a piece of art?  This is the question that I wish to inspire you to ask yourself and your students as you embrace the idea of exploring and expressing math though art.  In this workshop, we will begin by learning how to view art through a mathematical lens as well as the converse of viewing math through an artistic and creative lens.  We will see how this approach opens doors for all learners to find access to math and to see themselves as mathematicians.  We will learn how to use math as a not only a hook for engaging interest when presenting topics, but also as as tool to build math capacity, facilitate mathematical playfulness and a way to truly define "extending" in math.  

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1:15 PM - 2:45 PM ONLINE

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  • Katzie Elementary
    Sarah Hern

    Sarah is currently an elementary school teacher in the Surrey School District where she has been teaching for the past 15 years.  She has a graduate diploma in Mathematical Leadership.  Sarah is passionate about reaching all learners and inspiring their confidence and curiosity to explore and play with math.  She believes that every student can find their place to engage with math if they are given the right tools.  Art and story form the foundation of much of Sarah's teaching.