VISUAL ARTS - Sketching the Elements of Art

NOTE: This workshop begins at 10:30 AM.

This workshop aims to inspire and help teachers and students play with the Elements of Art in a quick, non-stressful, and open-ended sketching practice.

The workshop will explain the importance of fluid sketching paired with basic to advanced knowledge of the Elements of Art. In this four step workshop, I will demonstrate

1) Studio behaviours that are easily available to be assessed by teachers and accessed by students;

2) a catch song that teachers and students can use to remember the Elements of Art;

3) sketching fluidly and allowing for mistakes as growth;

4) reflection through labeling of thoughts and methods.

Target Audience



10:15 AM - 11:45 AM IN-PERSON
Room 2223

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  • Marnie Augello

    I am a studio art teacher who focusses on Artistic Behaviour instruction. I have experience in running an open concept art studio that allows for artistic expression with stressfree product based art. Presently, I am completing a Masters in Art Education at the University of Victoria. My own art focuses on fluid marks and honouring all stages of the process.